About Platinum

Platinum (Pt) is a comprehensive C++ framework, which allows developers to write high-performance applications for many platforms with only one codebase. It provides a large amount of features and is still very easy to use. It intergrates well into existing toolkits and frameworks.

...discover the power of Pt today!

Pt can be used on embedded devices, desktops or large servers. The supported platforms include Windows, Windows CE, Mac OS-X, Linux, QNX, and Unix. It lets you avoid tedious low-level programming and focus on your application.

The framework includes support for serialization, unicode text, multi-threading, asynchronous I/O, file-system access, systems programming, plugins, network sockets, HTTP clients and servers, XML processing and many more on all supported platforms.

A high degree of performance is achieved through the use of modern C++ features. Efficient abstractions, e.g. in the form of iterators or streams, allow writing correct and safe code with excellent performance.

Pt is designed from the ground up to be flexible and extensible. It provides solutions for your problems without being intrusive and integrates well with existing code bases or other toolkits and frameworks. Programs written with Pt tend to be compact, precise and easy to understand.

Its not just open, its free! Published under the LGPL (with extra permissions for static linking and inlined code), it allows you to write commercial and open-source applications and be part of the great community that develops Pt and determines its future.