We would like to acknowledge the following people, organisations and companies that have contributed to the development of the Platinum C++ framework:

Deutsche Börse Systems AG
We appreciate the many suggestions and good ideas of the people working at the MD&C department to improve Pt on POSIX platforms. With this feedback Pt was ported to AIX and Solaris.
We thank PTV AG for supporting the Platinum C++ framework and for encouraging their developers to commit code to the project. Their expertise of the Windows CE and Symbian S60 platforms was more than welcome.
Eckhardt + Partner GmbH
Eckhardt + Partner GmbH uses the Platinum framework for the development of high performance financial trading applications. We appreciate their involvement in the development of the framework, as well as testing on unix platforms.
Atesion GmbH
Atesion GmbH not only uses Pt in its MeaProcess product line, but also contributes heavily to the development of Pt for Windows and POSIX based systems.
Peter Barth
Peter ported Pt to the Symbian S60 platform during his diploma thesis. We thank him not only for the good work, but also for the many suggestions to improve Pt and a very pleasant time.
Bernd Goseberg
We are grateful to Bernd for his invaluable support and patience during the design and implementation of the Pt website, as well as the artwork he provided.

Developers and Contributors

The following people are developing the Platinum C++ framework or contribute to it in other ways, for example by writing documentation and translations. If you know someone who deserves to be on this list please let us know.

Marc Dürner
Developer since 2005
Marc earned a PhD in Chemistry from Sheffield Hallam University in 2004 and has worked as a software developer and architect since then. He has designed software for the telecommunications, finance, traffic and manufacturing industry, on both, the client and server side. His interests include object-oriented and generic program design in general and system, network, graphics, GUI, XML, XML-RPC programming on multiple platforms in particular.

Bendri Batti
Developer since 2008
Bendri has finished his studies in 2003 (Dipl.Ing(FH) Nachrichten- und Kommunikationstechnik) and has been developing software in c/c++ for embedded devices and multi-platform software for a number of different operating systems since then. He currently employed by Indexium in Zurich, where Platinum serves as portable runtime in his current project.

Aloysius Indrayanto
Developer since 2005
Aloysius earned his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering in early 2004 at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya, Indonesia. He has been interested in C/C++ programming since before he started his college. After his graduation, he worked as an assistant lecturer for about 6 months and then as a professional C++ developer for about 1 year. He earned a M.Sc. in Grid Computing (Data Grid) in middle of 2009 at the Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia. Currently, he is building a personal business related on information-technology ( He has written large parts of the Gfx and some parts of the Gui module of Pt. Additionally, he is the main author of some open-source projects which are written in C/C++, PHP, as well as JavaScript.

Laurentiu-Gheorghe Crisan
Developer since 2007
Laurentiu has many years of experience in object-oriented software architecture in the automotive and automatisation industry. He earned an M Sc. in Computer Science and Multimedia in 2003 at the University of Applied Science Karlsruhe. Platinum serves as the foundation for the MeaProcess-Measurement and Automation framework.

Tommi Mäkitalo
Developer since 2008
Tommi is interested C++ development in general and HTTP and database programming in particular, since he graduated from Fachhochschule Frankfurt in 1995. Tommi is also the founder of the TNTnet web application server. He currently works as a software developer for Deutsche Boerse AG in Germany.

Stephan Beal
Developer since 2005
Stephan has been a professional C++ developer for many years. He currently works for in Berlin, Germany. Besides Pt, he works on s11n, a C++ serialization framework.

Bjoern Streule
Developer since 2007
Bjoern has finished his degree in 2002 (Dipl. Ing. (FH) Nachrichten- und Kommunikationstechnik) and has been developing object-oriented software for desktop systems and embedded devices since then. He is currently employed by Lexware in Freiburg and is involved in the development of Pt in his free time.

Roman Schnider
Developer since 2007
Roman finished his studies in Information Technology in late 2002. Since then, he has been developing multi-platform software for a number of different operating systems. Platinum served as a portable runtime in some of his recent projects.

Sebastian Pieck
Developer since 2007
Sebastian is currently employed at Continental Automotive Systems. He is interested in embedded real-time control systems and attends to QNX compatibility of Platinum predominantly. He earned a Dr.-Ing. in Electrical Engineering (University of Siegen in 2006) within a research-project that implanted an artificial hip-cup prosthesis with robot assistance for the first time.