Getting Jam

The Jam distribution provides a self-contained jam based build system. It can be included and distributed with your project's source files, so you are not required to install any other tools on your build build host(s), besides the native toolchain (compiler, linker etc.). You can download the files here:

The Jam distribution contains the following files, which should be placed in your projects root directory as provided:

- [jam]
    - Jambase
    - ... (jam implementation files)
- Jambase
- jam.bat

The file Jambase in the project root references the files in the jam support directory and both are also referred to as the Jambase. The jam support directory includes the implementation details of the jam-based build system and the jam sources used for bootstrapping the build tool.

Two scripts come with the jam distribution that simplify boostrapping the build process. One script named runs on posix compatible build hosts, the other one named jam.bat runs on windows based build hosts. These scripts bootstrap and run the jam executable, so that jam executables do not have to be included for all possible build hosts, but rather built on demand. A precompiled version for windows hosts is distributed with the scripts named jam.exe.