Decomposer Class Referenceabstract

#include <Pt/Decomposer.h>

Manages the decomposition of types during serialization.

Inherited by BasicDecomposer< A >, BasicDecomposer< R >, BasicDecomposer< RV >, and BasicDecomposer< T >.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~Decomposer ()
DecomposeradvanceFormat (Formatter &formatter)
 Advance formatting the type.
void beginFormat (Formatter &formatter)
 Begin formatting the type.
void format (Formatter &formatter)
 Format the type completely.
Decomposerparent () const
 Returns the parent.
void setParent (Decomposer *parent)
 Sets the parent.

Protected Member Functions

 Decomposer ()
 Default constructor.
virtual DecomposeronAdvanceFormat (Formatter &formatter)=0
 Advance formatting the type.
virtual void onBeginFormat (Formatter &formatter)=0
 Begin formatting the type.
virtual void onFormat (Formatter &formatter)
 Format the type completely.