Painter Class Referenceabstract

#include <Pt/Gfx/Painter.h>

2D painter interface.

Inherited by ImagePainter, and ImagePainter2.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~Painter ()
virtual const Brush & brush () const =0
 Returns the current brush.
virtual const CompositionMode & compositionMode () const =0
 Returns the current composition mode.
void drawCircle (const PointF &topLeft, std::size_t diameter)
 Draws the outline of a circle.
virtual void drawEllipse (const PointF &topLeft, const SizeF &size)=0
 Draws the outline of an ellipse.
virtual void drawImage (const PointF &to, const Image &im)=0
 Draws an image.
virtual void drawImage (const PointF &to, const Image &im, const RectF &rect)=0
 Draws a part of an image.
virtual void drawLine (const PointF &from, const PointF &to)=0
 Draws a line between two points.
virtual void drawPolyline (const PointF *points, const size_t pointCount)=0
 Draws a polyline.
virtual void drawRect (const RectF &rect)=0
 Draws the outline of a rectangle.
virtual void drawText (const PointF &to, const Pt::String &text)=0
 Draws a text block.
void fillCircle (const PointF &topLeft, std::size_t diameter)
 Fills a circular area.
virtual void fillEllipse (const PointF &topLeft, const SizeF &size)=0
 Fills an elliptical area.
virtual void fillPolygon (const PointF *points, const size_t pointCount)=0
 Fills a polygon.
virtual void fillRect (const RectF &rect)=0
 Fills a rectangular area.
virtual const Font & font () const =0
 Returns the current font.
virtual FontMetrics fontMetrics (const Pt::String &text) const =0
 Measures the metrics of a text block.
virtual const ImageFormatformat () const =0
 Returns the painters native image format.
virtual const Penpen () const =0
 Returns the current pen.
virtual void setBrush (const Brush &brush)=0
 Sets the brush used to fill areas.
virtual void setClip (const RectF &clip)=0
 Sets the clipping rect.
virtual void setCompositionMode (const CompositionMode &mode)=0
 Sets the composition mode.
virtual void setFont (const Font &font)=0
 Sets the font used to draw text.
virtual void setPen (const Pen &pen)=0
 Sets the pen used to stroke lines.