TcpServerOptions Class Reference

#include <Pt/Net/TcpServer.h>

TCP server options.

Public Member Functions

 TcpServerOptions (int backlog=5)
 Construct with accept backlog size.
 TcpServerOptions (const TcpServerOptions &opts)
 Copy constructor.
 ~TcpServerOptions ()
int acceptDeferred () const
 Returns the max time for data to arrive. More...
int backlog () const
 Returns the accept backlog size.
TcpServerOptionsoperator= (const TcpServerOptions &opts)
 Assignment operator.
void setBacklog (int backlog)
 Sets the accept backlog size.
void setDeferAccept (int n)
 Defer accept until data arrives. More...

Member Function Documentation

int acceptDeferred ( ) const

Returns -1, if the option was not set

void setDeferAccept ( int  n)

Wait for at most n seconds for data to arrive.