PluginManager< IfaceT, PluginT > Class Template Reference

#include <Pt/System/Plugin.h>

Manages loaded plugins.


class  Iterator
 Iterator for loaded plugins. More...

Public Member Functions

 PluginManager ()
 Default Constructor.
 ~PluginManager ()
Iterator begin () const
 Begin of loaded plugins.
IfaceT * create (const std::string &feature)
 Creates an instance by name.
IfaceT * create (const Iterator &feature)
 Creates an instance.
void destroy (IfaceT *inst)
 Destroys an instance.
Iterator end () const
 End of loaded plugins.
void loadPlugin (const std::string &sym, const Path &path)
 Loads plugins from a library.
void registerPlugin (PluginT &plugin)
 Registers a plugin.
void unregisterPlugin (PluginT &plugin)
 Unregisters a plugin.