Selectable Class Referenceabstract

#include <Pt/System/Selectable.h>

Dispatches operations through an event loop.

Inherits NonCopyable.

Inherited by TcpServer, and IODevice.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~Selectable ()
void cancel ()
 Cancels all operations.
void detach ()
 Remove from event loop and cancels outstanding operations.
bool run ()
 Run operation if it is ready.
void setActive (EventLoop &parent)
 Sets the parent loop, so that operations can be run.

Protected Member Functions

 Selectable ()
 Default Constructor.
virtual void onAttach (EventLoop &loop)=0
 Attached to loop.
virtual void onCancel ()=0
 Blocks until operation has cancelled.
virtual void onDetach (EventLoop &loop)=0
 Detached from loop.
virtual bool onRun ()=0
 Check if ready and run.