Assertion Class Reference

#include <Pt/Unit/Assertion.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Assertion (const std::string &what, const SourceInfo &si)
 Construct from a message and source info. More...
const Pt::SourceInfosourceInfo () const
 Information where assertion failed.

Detailed Description

Assertions are modeled as an exception type, which is thrown by Unit tests when an assertion has failed. This class implements std::exception and overrides std::exception::what() to return an error message Besides the error message, Assertions can provide information where the exception was raised in the source code through a SourceInfo object. It is recommended to use the PT_UNIT_ASSERT for easy creation from a source info object.

void myTest()
int ten = 5 + 5;
PT_UNIT_ASSERT(ten == 10)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Assertion ( const std::string &  what,
const SourceInfo si 

Constructs a assertion exception from a message string and a source info object that describes where the assertion failed. Use the PT_UNIT_ASSERT macro instead of this constructor.

whatError message
siInfo where the assertion failed