Utf32BECodec Class Reference

#include <Pt/Utf32Codec.h>

UTF-32 big endian codec.

Inherits TextCodec< Char, char >.

Public Types

typedef char extern_type
 External character type.
typedef Char intern_type
 Internal character type.
typedef MBState state_type
 Conversion state type.

Public Member Functions

 Utf32BECodec (std::size_t ref=0)
virtual ~Utf32BECodec ()
bool always_noconv () const
 Returns true if no conversion is required.
int encoding () const
 Returns the encoding rate.
result in (MBState &s, const char *fbeg, const char *fend, const char *&fnext, Char *tbeg, Char *tend, Char *&tnext) const
 Decodes a character sequence.
int length (MBState &state, const char *from, const char *end, std::size_t max) const
 Returns the number of the decoded characters.
int max_length () const
 Maximum length of an external sequence if one character is encoded.
result out (MBState &state, const Char *fbeg, const Char *fend, const Char *&fnext, char *tbeg, char *tend, char *&tnext) const
 Encodes a character sequence.
result unshift (MBState &state, char *to, char *to_end, char *&to_next) const
 Unshifts a character sequence.