InputIterator Class Reference

#include <Pt/Xml/XmlReader.h>

Input iterator to read XML nodes with an XmlReader.

Public Member Functions

 InputIterator ()
 Default Constructor.
 InputIterator (XmlReader &xis)
 Construct iterator to point to current document position.
 InputIterator (const InputIterator &it)
 Copy constructor.
 ~InputIterator ()
bool operator!= (const InputIterator &it) const
 Returns true if iterators point to different nodes.
Nodeoperator* ()
 Derefences the iterator.
InputIteratoroperator++ ()
 Increments the iterator position.
Nodeoperator-> ()
 Derefences the iterator.
InputIteratoroperator= (const InputIterator &it)
 Assignment operator.
bool operator== (const InputIterator &it) const
 Returns true if both iterators point at the same node.