Namespace Class Reference

#include <Pt/Xml/Namespace.h>

A namespace used in an XML document. More...

Public Member Functions

 Namespace (std::size_t depth, const String &prefix, const String &uri)
 Constructs a Namespace with scope depth, name and prefix.
std::size_t depth () const
 Returns the scope depth of the namespace.
bool isDefaultNamespace () const
 Returns true if this is the default namespace.
bool isUnset () const
 Returns true if explicitly unset.
const StringnamespaceUri () const
 Returns the namespace URI.
const Stringprefix () const
 Returns the prefix of this namespace.
void setNamespaceUri (const String &uri)
 Sets the URI of the namespace.
void setPrefix (const String &prefix)
 Sets the prefix of this namespace.

Detailed Description

A namespace consists of a name, normally a namespace URI, a locally used prefix and the element depth which indicates the scope of the namespace.