MainLoop Class Reference

#include <Pt/System/MainLoop.h>

Thread-safe event loop supporting I/O multiplexing and Timers. More...

Inherits EventLoop.

Public Member Functions

 MainLoop ()
 Default Constructor.
 MainLoop (Allocator &a)
 Construct with allocator.
virtual ~MainLoop ()
void commitEvent (const Event &ev)
 Queues an event and triggers event processing.
Signal< const Event & > & eventReceived ()
 Reports all events.
void exit ()
 Stops the loop.
Signalexited ()
 Emited when the eventloop is exited.
void post (Selectable &s)
 Calls the selectables run function in the loop thread. More...
void processEvents ()
 Process all queued events.
void queueEvent (const Event &ev)
 Only queues an event.
void run ()
 Starts the loop.
void wake ()
 Triggers event processing.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void onCommitEvent (const Event &ev)
 Queues an event and triggers event processing.
virtual void onQueueEvent (const Event &ev)
 Only queues an event.
virtual void onWake ()
 Triggers event processing.

Detailed Description

The following example uses a MainLoop to wait on acitvity on a Timer, which is set to time-out after 1000 msecs.

// slot to handle timer activity
void onTimer();
int main()
using Pt::System;
MainLoop loop;
Timer timer;
timer.timeout() += Pt::slot(onTimer);;
return 0;

Member Function Documentation

void post ( Selectable s)

The event loop is woken up and the selectable's run function is called in the thread that called the event loop's run function. This function may be called from any thread, since it is meant to return to the event loop thread from a selectable, that is based on a parallel execution model e.g. using a worker thread.